Maven Workflows App

Summer 2020, 4 months

Design a product for the truckload space that allows driver managers to create custom workflows that drivers can easily access and act upon. This product must communicate with various TMS systems to allow for integration with any trucking company.


User Research, User Interviews, Product Framing, Product Design




Ayla Church (Intern Mentor), Alexa Ekberg (Product Manager), Front End + Back End Engineers


What do our users value? What value would this product give them? How would this product make their jobs easier?

Our main users for this product are Truckload Drivers and Driver Managers. Our team interviewed various drivers to gain insight into their day-to-day job and how this product would fit in. These drivers valued technology that was easy to use and had a low learning curve. They were used to using paper to see their stop assignments and fill out forms, so they were excited about moving towards a tech-centered approach. A mobile application would allow them to have more information readily available, and digital forms would make the process of sending documentation to different carriers a lot easier. Since these drivers would be driving most of their days, the designs had to be highly readable and simple to avoid distractions. Another big thing to keep in mind is the fact that drivers would be completing workflow tasks while on the road meaning there would be a lack of internet connection. This factored into how the app functioned and was engineered.

Driver managers value real-time data and insight into the current status of their drivers' trips. They want to know where their drivers are, what stop they are on, and what issues they need to address. Many driver managers manage by exception meaning that they start their day by looking at all of the possible problems they might need to address. These managers want a single platform where they can look at all of their drivers' trips and live within this software for the day as opposed to switching between different platforms. These managers also need the ability to create workflows for their drivers telling them what stops to go to and what forms/actions to do at each stop. These actions and forms need to be customizable depending on the customer, stop type, and trip type.


What can I learn from existing workflow solutions that are used in trucking?

There are a few existing workflow solutions used currently, and Maven even had their own legacy workflow "hack" that I learned a lot from. The images below show KeepTruckin (left), Omnitracs (center), and Maven's legacy workflow product (right). I interviewed drivers who used these solutions along with our own Customer Service representatives and found that the two biggest issues people had were that theses interfaces were not intuitive and they didn't show drivers enough information. We needed to find a way to be transparent about all the information drivers might need are their trip without flooding the interface and keeping it simple and easy to use.

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This product is being beta tested with real drivers soon, and I'm looking forward to their feedback to make changes and work towards the next iteration.