Meet Lauren.

A picture of Lauren Kenny

I am a multidisciplinary designer who uses design to solve complex problems at scale. I use systems thinking to locate possible touchpoints for design intervention, and I am passionate about using design thinking to address communication systems, social systems, and community engagement. Design challenges can be present at the systems level and at the pixel level, and I love to design for both. You will find me pixel pushing to design the perfect typeface to maximize legibility while also looking at the social systems that address accessibility and working to create systemic change.

All of my work is framed by the mindset to design with care. To me this means being trained to see individual pixels and caring enough to make them perfect. It means constantly asking questions and rethinking through existing solutions. It means looking at the bigger picture and the ecosystems my work exists within. It means being bold and brave enough to challenge the way things have always been. It means caring about the communities and people my work will touch. To design with care means being personally invested in every piece of work I do. Designing with care has made me a better designer and a better person, and it will continue to frame the work I do.

I recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a degree in Design and Linguistics. Currently I am a Design Systems Designer at Cash App.

When I'm not drowning in pixels you can find me slack lining in the park, biking through the woods, or taking my cat on a walk.

Please reach out to if you would like to work together or just want to talk about design, type, or phonetic alphabets!​​​​​​​