Filosofia Type Study

Fall 2018

Research a typeface and find its personality. Design a book spread and corresponding video that are equally informative about the type's history as they are its personality.


Spread Design, Typesetting, Video/Motion Design


Adobe InDesign, Adobe After Effects




What color is it? Is it fast or slow? What does it sound like? What does it feel like? Which letterforms/glyphs represent the typeface as a whole? What makes it special? Is it feminine or masculine? What is its personality?

Here are some initial spreads I made while trying to answer these questions.

Typesetting Practice

How can I balance readability with beautiful counterforms?

As an experiment for myself, I wanted to learn how to properly justify type. I found that I really liked the process of typesetting because it was like a maze trying to find the right place for all of the words. Although I really love the way solid blocks of justified type look, they are not as readable as left-aligned text. With left-aligned text, I tried to learn how to adjust the rag to create beautiful counterforms that didn't distract from reading the actually text.

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In addition to exploring what colors to use, I pushed myself to explore different ratios of colors. I found that a color palette that shows proportions of colors tells a completely different story than one that shows each color equally.

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What affordances do motion bring that print does not?

Here are some initial story boards where I explored sharing the personality of Filosofia through motion.

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This project allowed me to explore a new typeface and introduced to me to my favorite type designer, Zuzana Licko. I learned a lot about the personality of type and finding character through both small details in letterforms and the overall flow of an entire paragraph of text. I really loved bringing this type to life through color and motion and utilizing the affordances of each.